The Definitive Program Package for Adaptive Fitness

Bring effective, fun and meaningful fitness to every individual

The Toolbox Comes With

In-Depth Coverage of Autism Fitness Concepts and Methods

Covering the Physical, Adaptive, and Cognitive approaches that are the foundation of programming. Concepts are derived from evidence-based practices and widely supported via anecdotal data. This section covers the "Why" of Autism Fitness Programming.

Assessment Videos featuring Autism Fitness Athletes

Footage of entire PAC Assessment sessions as examples of real-world scenarios.

The PAC Profile Assessment

Taking Physical, Adaptive, and Cognitive Skills into consideration allows the practitioner to develop a strategy for exercise selection, positive behavior support/motivation/success-driven environment, and coaching/cuing. The PAC Assessment provides the user with an understanding of current ability levels. The "What" of Autism Fitness Programming.

Flow Charts

The guideline to strategy from Physical, Adaptive, and Cognitive baselines. Once you assess with the PAC Profile, this is your planning stage.

Exercises with Progressions and Regressions

Exercise and activity selection are crucial for optimal physical development. Through the documents and featured videos the Toolbox provides an array of progressions, regressions, and actual Autism Fitness session footage. The "How" of Autism Fitness Programming from the physical perspective.

Programming Templates for Individuals and Groups

Fitness sessions regularly used in Autism Fitness Programming with progressions and regressions for each activity.

The Autism Fitness Toolbox is the essential resource for professionals & parents

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Reviews of the Autism Fitness Toolbox

  • It was great to learn his successful system for training the autism population. If you have chance to attend this seminar I highly recommend it. I love to learn new methods and systems for training a particular population. Looking at the behavior health aspect of training different populations is fascinating.

    Iron Body Studios
  • I had the pleasure of attending Eric Chessen's Autism Fitness Seminar this winter and I truly can't say enough about it.  Having worked with this population for years now, I wasn't sure what I would come away with, but Eric blew me out of the water and provided an incredibly thorough and detailed day of learning for everyone attending. I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone, even if you do not work with this population - it is a great way to tap into Eric's wealth of knowledge and have fun doing so.


It's crucial that every individual have access to exercise & movement programs

The Autism Fitness Toolbox

Today, the goal of Autism Fitness is to bring effective, fun, and meaningful fitness and Adaptive PE programs to as many on the autism spectrum as possible. Through the Autism Fitness Toolbox, the mission is to educate and enable fitness professionals, special educators, therapists, and parents. As fitness should be treated as a life skill and lifelong pursuit, it is crucial that every individual, regardless of ability have access to exercise and movement programs.

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